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The Saddest Ewok by Aurinona
The Saddest Ewok
It's October!  Time for costumes!

I've been reluctant to post pictures of my son to art galleries, but this one is two years old now, so I don't feel as bad about sharing it.  We learned the hard way that Ewoks do not make good Jedi. 

(Costume sewn by me in October 2012.  This year he wants to be Meowth. That's right.)  
Heikue Reference Sheet by Aurinona
Heikue Reference Sheet
Badly overdue design/reference update for a character I've been using since 2008. 

Heikue (pronounced "Haiku"- her mother was a notoriously bad speller) is a free-spirited dragon who happens to be unfortunately afflicted with a poetry curse. Everything she tries to say tends to come out in verse of some sort- usually rhyme if she's speaking off the cuff, or haiku or tanka if she's got the time to think it through. 

Needless to say, this has made her life rather more difficult than it ought to be. Have you ever tried working as a waitress and having to recite the daily specials in rhyme? That job didn't last long, especially once the chef put duck a l'orange on the menu. The fact that she's got a temper and a strong right cross certainly didn't help, either. 

In spite of the poetic speech and pretty figure, she's a pretty rough and wild gal. She loves motorcycles and the outdoors, is occasionally a petty thief, and is constantly looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Usually she ends up expending a lot of energy for less reward than she would get if, y'know, she actually tried to get a career. 

Lately she's been working at a casino, watching way too many heist films, and trying to figure out if she can train her teleporting tabby cat (not shown here) to break into the vault. Somehow, I don't think this cunning plan is going to work... 

(If you're going to draw her, PLEASE note that this is only clothes-less to show her markings. I can provide outfit ideas upon request.)


Mary A. Murphy
United States
I don't know how many of my watchers used to be on the Dragon Clan/ Draik Clan, but I'm trying to get the word out that we're planning a reunion party in the Shoutbox!  It's scheduled for Saturday, September 7th, noon EST.  Hopefully we'll get a lot of current members and older members to sign in and chat about old times and maybe talk about what everybody has been up to in the years since the site began!  I know that there have been a lot of life changes for many of us - graduations, weddings, new jobs, even some children.  (I had a baby last year, who has turned into a Tiny Owlbear of Destruction.  He's fun, clever, and extremely active, which makes it hard to get any art done.) 

Anyway- hope to see some of you around!

Also, if anyone is looking for a roleplay site for their dragon OCs : .  It's freeform forum roleplay - no attribute stats or dice rolling, and you're free to make up your own magical systems, locations, species, etc.   It's been pretty slow lately because a lot of us have had real-life time issues, but we'd love to see some new people join!  



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